Creating Impact

Creating Impact: the four pillars of private psychology practice, is a comprehensive guide to an integrated pathway to success for all practices and practitioners regardless of size.  The book is a collaboration between five experienced private practice psychologists each with different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in private mental health practice. It offers medium and longer-term thinking and concrete solutions to the change management required in private health care today and in the future.
By Kaye Frankcom, Daryl Chow, RaeLynn Alvarez Wicklein, Nathan Castle, Aaron Frost
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The four pillars of private practice; how to create impact without burnout.

About the book

Private psychology practices are trusted by governments and their communities to deliver psychology services. But we are desperately underpowered in our approach to what is required.
There are multiple challenges facing us within our practices and externally, including demands for services, system reforms, workforce issues, clinical governance shortfalls and financial sustainability pressures. There has been no clear advice on a model that will carry you through this landscape, until now.

“Creating Impact: The four pillars of private psychology practice”, is a comprehensive guide to building the psychology practice of your dreams in a complex, volatile and uncertain future.
Creating Impact delivers an integrated pathway to success for all practices and practitioners regardless of size. If you want to build a successful psychology practice and if you have more years ahead in our profession than you have already undertaken, then Creating Impact is for you. 



Section 1: Overview

  • The reason for this book.
  • Post-traumatic growth: shattering the orthodoxies of mental health practice. 
  • Meet the authors: five different histories and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in private mental health practice.


Section 2: Building a successful practice and the four pillars of private psychology practice

  • Pillar 1: Client-focused: Treatment and the Therapeutic Relationship. 
  • Pillar 2: Therapist-focused: Supervision and Deliberate Practice. 
  • Practical Ways to do Deliberate Practice. 
  • Pillar 3: Practice-focused: Evidence-based practice, client retention, and a continuous improvement.
  • Pillar 4: Business-focused excellence: What makes it all work? 


Section 3: Strategy, culture, leadership and professional development

  • Evaluating your own practice as a clinical and business strategy.
  • Digital Health: The era of disruption. 
  • Implementing a culture of feedback: Three case studies.
  • Creating impact through leadership. 
  • Reimagining Psychotherapy Education and Training.

Meet the authors

Kaye Frankcom

Kaye is a highly accomplished businesswoman, and leader in the health sector. She is an endorsed clinical and counselling psychologist, consultant and business coach to psychologists, in-demand speaker and trainer and has held national roles in psychology regulation and professional standards. She built a successful group psychology practice in Williamstown, Victoria which she sold in 2018.

She is the lead author of Fit to Practice: Everything you wanted to know about starting your own psychology practice in Australia but were afraid to ask (co-authors Professor Bruce Stevens and Dr Phil Watts. Published November 2016).
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Daryl Chow

Daryl is a practicing psychologist and trainer. Daryl and colleagues published the first empirical study on deliberate practice in psychotherapy.  His books include:
Daryl’s website and podcast Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development (FPD) aims to inspire and sustain practitioner’s professional and personal development. This includes his newsletter that comes with five handpicked recommendations each week, called Frontiers Friday.
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RaeLynn Alvarez Wicklein

RaeLynn is Texan-born and proudly Latina with 20+ years in Australia as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and supervisor who has a private practice and a consulting business in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. In 2017, she was awarded the APS Elaine Dignan Award for her work furthering the lives of women and girls in research, supervision, education, and training.

She is a mother to two boys who speaks the languages of Roblox, dogs, and the NBA, and is a partner to her husband, who she finds is the embodiment of grounding when all else is chaos.
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Nathan Castle

Nathan is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in the intersection between Value Based Healthcare, Feedback Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice. He provides coaching internationally, implements data-driven strategies into organisations and runs his own outcome-based practice which publishes its results every two years.

Nathan is a certified coach for the Deliberate Practice Institute and is a member of their Governance Committee. He also holds a role as Chief Science and Evaluation Officer at NovoPsych.
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Aaron Frost

With a career spanning over 20 years, and including private practice, public sector, research, academia, consultancy, and training, Aaron has been an influential and forward thinking leader in psychology.

Aaron is a certified trainer with the International Centre for Clinical Excellent (ICCE), the program lead for the Supervisor Training and Approval Program (STAP) and the Director of Benchmark Psychology.
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Our students love us

Creating Impact is a must have for anyone in psychology private practice, not just those wishing to excel. How refreshing to have a book where all my private practice resources are in the one place! It has been written by leaders in the field of psychology, and it is a comprehensive reference guide that will cheerlead you towards greater client outcomes, greater compliance and greater job satisfaction..

Stephanie Allen

Director & Principal Clinical Psychologist, Life & Mind Psychology
Creating Impact is a must-read for anyone operating a private psychology practice. The experience-rich authors provide specific, practical steps to help you go from surviving in private practice to creating a truly excellent practice that both elevates client outcomes and creates sustainable, fulfilling work for psychologists. I can’t thank this team enough for compiling decades of learnings and distilling them into easily digestible ideas and tools ready to pick up and use.
Frances Bilbao

Founder, Director and Clinical Psychologist, Allied Health Awards Psychologist of the Year 2021
Creating Impact is a fabulous contribution that clearly outlines what private clinicians can do to increase client outcomes, namely through the implementation of highly innovative evidence-based methods such as outcome monitoring and deliberate practice. Highly recommended!
Alexandre Vaz, PhD

Chief Academic Officer at Sentio University
So much collective wisdom in one place! Easy to digest whilst still being thought-provoking and practical. This will be the reference you keep going back to, to continue to develop and grow your business. Congratulations to the authors – this is a cracker
Sarena Jones

Founder, Allied Health Awards (Australia & NZ)

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