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Interview with Gabrielle McColl (The Contingency App)

What would happens if you could not operate your practice? What if you died suddenly—who would look after your clients and your business and how would they know what to do? Passwords, bank accounts, insurances, subscriptions, client details. Where would you start? Contingency planning has been recommended by professional associations but how do you do it in the digital world. Gabrielle, a psychologist from rural Australia, noticed the need for a backup plan for her private practice in the unfortunate event that she may be incapacitated due to illness, accident or death. To tackle this, she created an app called Contingency-Plan Professional. This app aims to help professionals like her prepare for unexpected situations. 

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Where do you store all of your information related to your business and client work so that it is secure and available when needed. This is a risk management process for you, your business and your family. 

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